in all of it’s awkward, shitty glory:

My firstest youtube video ever. I know it’s awkward, but well….. It’s weird to sit in front of a camera and talk like a person okay!?! So show me some lovables and click on it or I’ll continue to feel really awkward and embarassed. o//////o God I suck.


13 thoughts on “HERE IT IS”

  1. I really like your video and I think you should continue doing them! I’ll watch ’em 🙂 Oh, and black is my favourite colour too. Out of curiosity, what is your favourite song right now?


    1. O.O There are too many. And since I have an android it doesn’t tell what my top played is soooooo for the next five minutes it’s Alesana’s The Murderer but that’s not definitive. ^.^ too many options.

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  2. OMG HOW ARE YOU SO COOL LIKE OH MY AWWW YOURE SO LOVELY (sorry for the excessive caps lock, I just…..I always looked up to you because you’re so cool but this….YOU’RE SO COOL)

    Kewl. Liek. ERMAGERD. Stay fabulous, Sissy!


      1. XD XD LOOOOOL
        No, but on a serious note I do look up to you. Like, when I’m nearing the end of my teens I want to be as awesome as you. (Oh God this is cheesy but meh, you know I’m like, a – without trying to sound weird – dedicated reader soooooo…)


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