Honestly I have no idea what to say, this post is only here to make sure that I’m still writing shit out and committed to this so I don’t drift off and abandon it. So hmmm what to talk about…..

Well, my zen powers are still here. Kind of not as strong as usual because I haven’t been chugging my tea today, but yesterday I was really relaxed and motivated to get off my ass and accomplish shit.

I even got smidgey to the doctor! and she didn’t even need shots! *Falls to knees and praises God for the magnificent blessing that this is* But she is perfectly healthy and on target with her growth and shit, so that’s good. She is however going through a tiny monster phase. Since her discovery of the meaning of “No” and “Smidgey, Don’t touch that!” (wifi gateway modem thingy, xbox, and still burning straightening iron) she has mastered her fake cry. The second the words leave my mouth her bottom lips goes out and she starts this odd combination of shrieking and sobbing that honest to god makes it sound like I’m beating her. (which despite my occasional wish to do so, I would never actually hurt the smidget, even if shes being an asshole.) *exasperated sighs* she is going to be one nightmare of a toddler. *shudders*

She is also starting to talk a little more. I can get the occasional hi, (I got a full hello this morning! Cx) and she said bye to the Dr. yesterday. She will also wave back if you wave at her a couple times. I have a tiny little Einstein baby xD (I’m well aware that this is all perfectly normal, average behavior.)

In other news today I feel like shit. I’m super congested and sore and feel totally exhausted, despite not doing much. I hope to god it’s not mono again. (which yes, you can get it more than once it’s just that you can only “catch” it once and afterwords it lives inside you and waits for your immune system to be down, at least according to famileh Dr.’s) I actually caught said original yuck from sharing drinks with my parents at Kings Dominion when I was ten. (Theyyyy however got it the old fashioned way, spit swapping in the 80’s.) Nobody knew what was wrong with me, I was a totally twitchy ADHD kid who just like stopped moving, and started napping for 6 hours a day and sleeping at least 12. My hair started turning white o.o I had a huge white spot I kept trying to bury under the rest of it and then my mum would point it out to people and be all “Look at her head! Isn’t that freaky?!” -.- oh mother.

That was a really random babble about something totally insignificant that happened when I was a child. I should probably go take a nap and stop wasting your time.


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