Where I Was This Weekend O.O (hauls and weekendy things)

*Sighs* Okay…bear with me for a minute. I started this post at about 11 am, It is now 2:15 pm. My browser keeps freezing up on me and I have noooo fucking clue what’s up with it, but it seems to be doing better now *fingers crossed*

ANYWAY This weekend. I went shopping. And spented my hotcashes. A lots of them. And so I’m broke now. Well….It’s Joshes monies….We’re broke now. But the important part… What’d I get? I’m goin to show you. So look down.


Now Look Down.


My coconut kitty lip balm. The coolest thing about this lil guy is that you stick your finger up its butt to get the lip goo. Totally not the subtle silvery shimmer, or the fact that its freaking coconut lip balm in a cat, the coolest part IMO is obviously the butt thing….. ’cause I’m a grownup…..


Dabass Bring Me The Horizon bracelets. They’re reversible so  they both have both designses. One is Josh’s because we’re sharing but since he can’t wear epic bracelets to work, I steals.


This is mostly just a replacement Tee for my other PTV shirt that has fuckin’ bleach holes 😦 which makes me really sad because I got it from the only concert that I’ve ever attended, and it looked bad ass. But this one is realleh cool too and the purple is a tad girly-er (even though it’s still a guys shirt) Unfortunately however I forgot that because this is in fact a guys shirt, I need the extra small instead of the medium (which in my opinion only shows how fucked up women’s sizing is.)



In order to actually show the design on the shirt and not just pose in front of the camera, You get to see my glorious perpetual double chin!!!!!! (Oh double chin, thou art the bane of my drivers license.) -.- I’m only 118 dammit. But anywayyyyy yes I gotseded me an Attack On Titan shirt, because that show is seriously one of my favorite shows ever. I mean, if the second season is as good as the first one, the show is fucking Black Butler level awesomeness. And I hope you all know how much I love black butler *does fan girl swoon*. Hells Yes. Anywhore.


Tattoo choker, ’cause bringing the 90’s back XD. Actually, when these things were originally popular my parents said I was way too little to be wearing chokers (even though I was an incredibly mature five year old….) and I solemnly swore that when I was a grownup I would get one. My parents laughed and promised me I’d forget about them by then. Guess what beechies. I haz me a tattoo choker and I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. (except when I let Josh try it on for sexiness.)


Because I’m willing to admit that I have a problem. I am fully aware that both are ridiculously cheesy, but I think they be cute so there!

10028719_hi 10137451_hi  img-thing (2)

All of thoses plugs because they were in the clearency bin for buy one get two free. And I like plugses.


And this rainbow skullaton heart sticker because I have a plan to plaster my fugly car in stickers until it’s cute. This is my first one. It’s gunna take a while.

Anyway this post would have gone up yesterday, but I was so depressed that I barely managed to shower and make sure smidgey got all three meals, let alone accomplish anything. So it’s here now. I’m feeling better today because Josh took me to walmart and bought me beef jerky and stress-relieve-y tea that shockingly enough, is actually helping. I don’t usually buy into the whole herbal remedies thing (after my mom decided I was spiritually oppressed she tried to saint john’s wort me to death. It didn’t help with my depression at all, but it did cause the rift between us to grow even bigger and make me resent her more! :D)

But the herbal tea thing is doing it for me. I’m not magically euphoric (as evidenced by my nearly throwing my laptop at the wall….) but I do feel more relaxed and in a better overall mood. So I shall continue to sip my way to happiness through weird but yummy teas.

I actually managed to clean shit and go to the bank like I’ve been meaning to do for weeks and tomorrow I’m scheduling smidgey’s shots *shudders* I think I get more upset about them then she does 😦

Anyway I’m going to continue using my new found hopefully long-lasting zen powers to fold laundry and make foods.

(I also bought ze Josh’s valentines day presents >:D sneaksy me!)

*featured image is your daily dose of I selfied myself*


3 thoughts on “Where I Was This Weekend O.O (hauls and weekendy things)”

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re so pretty. /)^.^(\ Gah, I can’t form words, give me a moment.
    I love the kitty lip balm, it’s so cute and pudgey – and ya get to stick a finger in his bum…. hehe.
    I used to have one of those tattoo chokers, but it was a bracelet…. and I was little…. it sadly died somehow.

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