Well Fuck

I was planning on doing my haul post today, but I just realized that my classes have started and I only have a few days to get all my homework done AND this teacher isn’t one of those “oh it’s the first week why don’t you just relax and settle in” sort of people so I actually have to do shit. So unfortunately for you you get to deal with me tiredly rambling about school after I just spent 6 hours on homework. *sighs* But I suppose today will be Top 5 best and worsts. So without further ado (I’m trying to write all of this before Josh gets his sexy ass home)

Top 5 Best Things About My Vacation:

1. Honestly, my number one favorite thing was the view on the ship when all you could see was water. Especially after it got dark so you could just barely see the horizon and the water was black and there was a cool breeze that made you a little cold but not enough to go back inside. It was seriously breathtaking.

2. Close second to the view was: Sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas with Josh watching the waves and listening to my sister bitch at my mom about how unfair it was that we got to drink alcohol. Because in the Bahamas you only have to be 18, and honestly nobody really cared anyway. So I got enjoyably tipsy without getting stupid drunk and laid out and played in the water and just had a fun beach day with the Josh.

3. The Junk Shops! Cx actually called the straw market but basically just a bunch of people with cheap jewelry laid out everywhere who would tell me how pretty I was to try to get me to buy jewelries. Lucky for them I am in fact a girl and love both shopping and cheap jewelry, so it usually worked ^.^ I boughteded so much shits. And now we’re broke again *sighs*

4. Playing in the arcade with Josh, this one actually ties the straw market but you cant have two threes so it’s four. We spent like thirty bucks on the claw machines, the little key slot-y ones, the sega golden gun (if you guessed that I sucked you’d be right!) and I even harassed him to play the little key slot-y one in the casino ^.^ We got a minecraft skeleton. It was awesome.

5. The fucking FOOD! I actually ate! Yup three 2-4 course meals a day with snacks and beverageses. And I only gained two lbs! After an entire week of stuffing myself till I felt like I was going to puke. I only had like one meal the entire time that I didn’t love, and that wasn’t even bad it was just bone-in chicken which I would’ve known if I actually looked closely, and it had olives which were gross but I just picked around. But holy fuck. Creme brulees and Chocolate ganasheses and cappuccino pies. Was so, so yummy.

Top Five Things That Sucked:

1. I didn’t know this but carnival hires like almost exclusively immigrants, and pays them in their own currency so they’re away from their families making shit money for long periods of time working for drunk assholes. I tried to be really polite, and clean up after the smidge. I don’t know the details but like the different taxi drivers on the island, and a couple different passengers mentioned this so I’m going along with it.

2. My family. Leave it to my mum and my sister to ruin a tropical paradise *sighs* they’re just fucking annoying.

3. The drugses. Seriously we couldn’t go five minutes in either port without someone asking Josh if he wanted to buy a variety of substances. Oh and his hand went numb for like an hour immediately after fist-bumping some random person so that was charming.

4. The crowds. I’m a tad agoraphobic. Not in the serious sense but in the “Oh my gosh, I can’t breathe, I can’t think, there are too many people here, I need to escape NOW” sort of sense. So getting off the boat in Nassau was really, really scary

5. I didn’t buy two of the cute things that I really wanted because I had kind of gone overboard already with spending, and cut myself off from the monies. *sighs* Josh knew I was really bummed about one of them though so he bought me a different necklace the next day when we couldn’t find the same one again.

So that was the highly summarized version of my high and low points on ze boat. I will try to do my haul post and pictureses tomorrow but I have more homeworks soooo who knows *shrugs*

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