I’m HOME! :D

FINALLEH I missed my bed. And my internet. And my shower. And not having to pay three bucks every time I wanted a can of coke. But I digress.

In order that you might feel informed: I shall probably end up separating all of my vacation ramblings into separate posts so that I might ramble about all of the things without it being a three thousandish word posteh.

But for now since I’m odd, I shall only discuss things pertinent to my arrival home. Mostly the fact that I can’t sit on the couch to type all of this because it’s buried under approximately 38.2 billion loads of laundry. Just a rough estimate, but it looks pretty accurate from my view in bungee chair beside said couch-eating laundry mountain. *sighs*

Yup yesterday we got back at four-ish and pretty much just unpacked ordered pizza (there is no foods in our home right now   😦 *sighs with sadnesses*) and finished watching attack on titan only for Josh to then mention “Oh yea, season two isn’t out yet, and probably won’t be until 2016ish” BKAHS QWKURNQEI?OYR T?AYROGARYOIWFGJ WRGLD ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? Sadistic fucker -.- Now I have to find somewhere online to read the manga’s just so I know what fucking happens?!?!?! GHRAHLJHGILHAERGAH FGLADFG <– I am upset by this news. *growls* after we finished watching ze amine’s (letter-switching was intentional, don’t stab me.) We then played mah chrissymas video game until it was beddish time. That plus starting the 57 million loads of laundry was all that was accomplisheded yesterday evenings. *sighs*

I should probably start folding that laundry.

Except you know you don’t want to 

But if I don’t then I can’t sit on the couch and watch more anime’s later

Or you could sit on the floor and watch them now.

But I can’t watch them now anyways because smidge is running around eating things so I’d have to hold her and wouldn’t be able to read subtitles.

 Well NYAHHH you’re no fun you boring old person

 Fuck you lazy brain.

Fuck you too mrs. I’m going to be a responsible housewifey adult person

We should probably go see a doctor and find out if these conversations are normal…….

At least we can agree on something. *sulks away so I can go do laundry*

This is a tiny baby hedge-hog:



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