Scrambehling O.O

I’m trying to clean the entire goddamn apartment as fast as humanly possible because I absolutely hate it when I go on a nice trip, where I totally had a blast and enjoyed myself and then not only do I have to come back to reality, but I have to clean my goddamn room on top of it all. I also don’t want to have to take out the trash after the smidge’s diapers have been festering for a week. Um ew. (That’s what Josh is for….except not really, I try not to take advantage of the smexiness) So anyway doing laundry, trying to get the sheets changed, making sure smidge’s toys are contained to one tiny tornado zone instead of the entire living room.

AND on top of this I have to go find a fucking swimsuits and shorts in January!

ARJGDJFGLlASDGKHASFG QOENRU Q?EROGIYHANHG<– Venting my frustration on my poor abused keyboard

This is what I get for working my ass off (not eating for a long time) to lose all that goddamn weight. And Josh too. Fucking mister I-have-an-outdoorsy-job-so-I’m-going-to-get-all-muscley-so-you-won’t-want-to-use-me-as-a-pillow-anymore asshole. -.- naturally the smidge needs one as well. Dammit.

Smidge has fifteen minutes before I drag her ass out of crib so I can feed her and get this shit over with. It just sucks because I’m probably going to have to go into a bunch of stores that I don’t like to find some. Like Kohl’s and Macy’s and maybe even…. *shudders* hollister. Ew ew ew I get nauseous even thinking about it. So much of that goddamn disgusting cologne that makes my head hurt (breathe sis breathe, you’re gunna get through this. NO I WON’T I’M GUNNA DIEEEEEE *slaps self and goes all Edna mode* Pull Yourself Together! You will go in there you will attempt to find a swimsuit with more than two square inches of cloth on it and you will get out…. Oh shit I’m having a discussion with myself again I really gotta stop this……) Um yes. So. I don’t like hollister…. *sighs* this is gunna be a longggg day.

Go in, give the message, get out. (Veggie tales was my other disney. *sighs* I know, I’m a homeschooler nerd.) Maybe if I get it over with quickly and do end up going to the mall I can stop by hot topic and reward my epic bravery with one of those super-cute disney compact mirrors *rubs hands together villainously* I’m starting to like this plan…


One thought on “Scrambehling O.O”

  1. I feel your pain. I hate going in those more “preppy” stores for the fact that the employees look at me like I’m going to shoplift their inventory. -No, no I’m not. Do I look like I want anything in your acrid harem-smelling store? No….
    Be brave. Just hold your nose and get it done. *thumbs up*
    Thrift stores are good for shorts or pants to hack up into shorts. :3


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