*Is Bouncing Up And Down In A Childish Display Of Excitement*

I mentioned that I’m going on vacation for a week? The week is nigh upon us CX Josh and I shall be leaving either in the latest of nights on the 7th or the ballsacks of dawn on the 8th so that we might embark upon the cruise that my dad is paying for. YAY Yay yay Yay YAY! (in case you haven’t noticed I’m a tad excited.)

So today I pack! Or more realistically get rid of all the food that’ll spoil by shoving it in my face. Oh sweet baklava you shall be missed. Hopefulleh we shall take lots of pictures and then if I’m feeling particularly generous I will share them with you upon my return. But who am I kidding? I’m wayyyy too lazy for that. *bounces up and down some more*

But I’m scared. o.o I get sunburn from standing in the shade for five minutes, so going to the Bahamas where the sun is actually shining? *shudders* this will be painful. But I did buy spf 100 sunscreen! I shall apply every two hours on the dot and I’m bringing my wedding parasol to hide underneath the entire time.

It’s also mildly frustrating because I don’t have very many shorts. And by not having many, I mean that I have one pair that’s falling off because I got them right after I had smidge and was still a pudgsical and one pair that I can only just barely breathe in from the days when I did not eat. *sighs* It’s a good thing Josh got me that Skellington dress…. and I got myself that adorable halter one….. So I’m probably going to be very dressy for a week.

But I can’t wait! We’ve been saving most of our combined Christmas monies and my dad is giving us each a hundred plus our Christmas card from my (bitchy but not poor) grandmother that should have another fair amounts.

I’m also concerned about the smidge, because I am NOT co-sleeping with that bed-hogging demon and it’s not like we can bring her crib. My dad said he called and had it arranged for them to set up one in our cabin-ey place but I’m still worried something might come up. Plus I’m supposed to figure out how much baby food/formula/diapers/wipes this tiny satan will need. GRAH. Oh well. And then I don’t want to be that ass-hole that brought their screaming child out to a place that’s supposed to be relaxing. But she’s usually happy loud so *shrugs*

Also this weekend in mini brief re-capsulations:

Josh came home, we ran errands, ran around, had my one loud immature-but-amusing friend over and watched her reaction to smoking nicotine-free shisha. Seriously. No high, not even a teeny tiny buzz, just yummy tasting smoke, but she was kind of freaking out like she was a super bad-ass and was gunna get arrested. For smoking something my twelve year old brother could buy on amazon. *shakes my head at her silly antics* And then pretty much all of yesterday was spent napping and watching Attack on Titan. Which was cool because I didn’t like the ad’s I’ve seen for the show and was like “Umm that’s stupid and I’m not watching it”, but Josh was like no, trust me, you’ll like it. He then had to drag me away from the television like twelve episodes later so that he could go to bed for work today. Jerk. -.- can’t believe I’m supposed to wait until he comes home before I can watch more.

Anywhore that’s what I’ve been up to.


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