I GOT SHITS FOR CHRISTMAS (most of it is good shit though, just thought I’d clarify.)

Yup you probably noticed that I disappeared for my Chrissymas celebrations (again I am one of the ancients that insists on spending holidays with famileh) So in total I had three Christmas’s (I have NO idea what the plural of chrissymas is and I’m wayyyy too lazy to google that shit.) One with Josh and the Smidget, one with his parents/famileh and one with my parents/famileh.

And most of it was pretty awesome. Except I have a list of people from both sides that I kindof want to stab. Nothing pertinent to Christmas, just you know, I kindof hate them. Josh’s side is currently solely comprised of his one twat-brained brother. Mine includes my mom, my sister, and my one grandmother that I haven’t seen since my wedding in August. Just so you know.

But. Now for the good shit. The part that the television politely reminds us is by far the most important. The shits. So in order of when we celebrated I got:

From Josh I got two adorable sounding girly books. One Jack Skellington dress, One Jack Skellington Jacket (matches said dress) and one Jack Skellington hair bow, because I have an obsession with adorable hair bows, and Jack Skellington. I also got Diablo 3 (which he quickly replaced with the ultimate evil edition once we realized I actually love and don’t completelyyyy suck at said game.) Other gifts include The Internship because we loved that movie, Warm bodies because I loved that movie, and The Perks of Being A Wallflower, because while I will never ever in ten billion years admit it out loud (so bad for my badass creds. XD), I totally fucking loved that movie. Two Tokidoki blind boxes. And he paid for me to get my tongue pierced on saturday.  He also bought me my endless sea eyeshadow when we went out the next day, not really a chrissymas present but he actually knew I wanted it and even remembered the name so it was thoughtful and spiffy.

20141229_103431 (1) 20141229_11511920141229_11525210250950_av2 <–Because I’m too lazy to change.

I got him: One stripper sloth print/poster thingy. One sexy Cthulhu t-shirt. One The Used Shirt, that is super awesome, but not really super him, I needed to spend hot cash and get him another present okay?!?! One zippo lighter that he knew about. Two cans of silly string that we totally attacked each other with (I may or may not have sprayed it down his pants ^.^) Two my little pony dolls because he kept going onn and onnn about how every remotely action figure shaped package had to be a fucking my little pony when it was stuff I actually thought he’d like, so naturally I spent the rest of his christmas fund on ponies. Three minecraft blindboxes because this is in no sort of order. and two books: All my friends are dead, and All my friends are still dead. Which are total must-reads by the way. Huge contribution to literature as a whole.


The smidge received: two adorable stuffed animals, one squishy rattle thing, one set of oball keys, one cardboard book for her to drool on, and two red plaid jackets from Josh in different sizes so she can match us for longer. (I always steal his red plaid jacket and my backpack is also red plaid, he makes lesbian jokes at me -.- ) I saw no point in spending more money on her when she was spoiled rotten by both sets of grandparents and her favorite toy is still my plastic water cup from panera…

From Josh’s family (his mum) I got one ridiculously over-priced pretty necklace with two intertwined hearts, not something I’ll wear often because nice jewelry doesn’t really match shredded band shirts, but still pretty for when I want to dress up. One makeup caddy because I have no where to put all my makeup anymore and have been dyingggg and knocking shit over all the time, so I asked her to buy it for me for christmas. One super adorable black and blue nailpolish. One makeup palette that I know she bought for herself and ended up not liking but eh *shrugs* its got some cute colors that I’ll use once in a while. One pair of old lady slippers that she gave us the gift receipt for because Josh told her I don’t wear slippers (bad execution but I can appreciate the thought.) one thing of mini makeup brushes, one lip gloss, and another mini eye palette. and some stuff that was for christmas that I got early was a mattifying top coat and a nail polish base.

She got Josh: an uglydorable sweater and a book that’s essentially a glorified how to get rich quick book. And a shit load of cash because she kindof gave up on trying to buy him presents forever ago. (He is super hard to buy for, this is the first year I’ve even come close to getting his shit right).

The smidge was given a squishy plastic book that squeaks (she loves it) a toybox/book shelf that I love because now we have a spot to put her shit in her room instead of on the floor. An adorable outfit, and a little bunny hide-away pet thing. and probably some other shit that I forgot.

From my family (we do a no secret, secret santa sortof gift exchange, You know who’s got you and who you’re buying for but you only buy/receive for/from one person)

So I got from my uncle (I think my cousin picked most of it) A Grell sutcliff Tshirt that I loveeee. Volume one of black butler (I already own it, but I’m not complaining because they’re actually getting stuff I like now.) Castle In The Sky, which was actually the very first anime I ever saw, I watched it with Shannon (aforementioned cousin) when I was like seven and totally loved it. A yankee candle in my favorite scent (Macintosh, thanks for asking) Shannon made me a folder to put my (shitty) drawings/paintings so they don’t get crumply, out of canvas and gave me fabric markers to decorate/personalize it. My parents got me a bacon scented air freshener -.- and a tiny ty turtle that smidge is in love with.

Josh (unfortunately) got my other cousin this year (dead-beat who lives in my parents house and has deluded himself into believing he’s an amazing person because he went and got himself reverendeded or whatever. He used to be cool and then he got saved and shoved his head so far up his own ass that he’s confused the smell of his bullshit with spirituality. There’s a reason I don’t advertise my Christianity, he’s kindof the poster child for it.) Anywayyyy Said cousin got him a chick fil a calendar (guess where he works) with like a five dollar gift card, a thing of giant reese’s peanut butter cups (like the holy fuck huge ones). My parents got him a gift card to a store I’ve never heard of before.

From Me my mom got a Madagascar Vanilla shower gel and body butter (from bath and body works) a thing of bath beads and a Cow Yoga calendar because it’s sortof a running joke that she loves weird calendars but since she doesn’t buy her new calendar until like February she can never find cool ones.

Josh got mah Gram a Squirrel shaped nutcracker an adorable bear filled with maple syrup and a thing of Queen Anne’s disgusting cherry cordials (she loves them XP) because nobody ever knows what the fuck to get her, but people said she’ll like what we did. (We didn’t get to see her this year because she’s planning some distant relatives funeral, so we don’t know.)

So that was my chrissymas. Did you enjoy yours? Are you able to spend time around your family without wanting to repeatedly stab yourself in the brain?

3 thoughts on “I GOT SHITS FOR CHRISTMAS (most of it is good shit though, just thought I’d clarify.)”

  1. I need that hair bow. *o* (and jacket and dress :P)
    Sounds like you had a good Christmas. ^.^ You’re gonna look fabulous going into the new year.
    I enjoyed seeing my sister open her presents from me. :3 Hehe, it was fun. ^.^ My favorite present was the Toothless bath soap dispenser my little sister got me. ^.^


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