I Am Rather Depressed.

I know I know it’s Christmas eve so everybody is supposed to be bouncing with joy at the fact that they get to open shit tomorrow. But just, nope, not feelin’ it.

And apparently it’s not just me this year because while half the posts I see on facebook are all “looking forward to spending the holidays with my family!!!!!”ish the other half are definitely “ugh I’m just not feeling it, can we cancel Christmas this year?”ish

But I’m mostly just bummed because I haven’t seen my husband since 6 am yesterday. For like five minutes when I was half asleep so it barely even counts. He’s been at work for 30 hrs straight. I’m not even exaggerating. And I feel bad for being depressed and complaining about it when he had to drive like three some hours away into the mountains to spend all night freezing his adorable ass off and then not even getting to come home before heading back to his officey place for today’s work. *sighs* and he’s only been able to text for like a few hours out of that. But at least he’s supposed to get off in like an hour.

It just sucks because you’re supposed to spend the chrissymass times with your family (or alternatively, the people you’re not related to but actually enjoy spending time around.) and for at least another hour the only person I’ve got is a fairly retarded, whiny, sleepy baby who would rather destroy wipes and knock all our dvds off the shelf then cuddle her depressed, lonely mommy.

I hope that once Josh is home and we get a chance to cuddle and nap I’ll be feeling the whole Christmas thing again. But for now I just want to forget everything and watch tv whilst stuffing my face with nutella.

Merry fuckin Christmas peoples. *sighs* I’m going back to bed.


Christmas puppies make me feel slightly better. I think instead of bed I shall go hot chocolate myself. Hmmmmm that sounded vaguely maybe possibly dirty….. 😀 being totally immature is awesome. I feel lots better now xD

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