Fuck All The Things!

Except no, because that would get you arrested for public indecency or rape or something. Don’t fuck puppies!

Oh god. Today I feel like a walking condom advertisement. In the words of one of my favorite Youtubers (not really but you have to say favorite because saying “not really my favorite but somebody who’s videos I usually enjoy watching” sounds well awkward and wordy..) MattG “Condoms. Wear ’em ’cause DAMN.” Um yea. Someone remind me why its unethical to stab my child again?

The Smidge’s mommy weakness detector is getting better. So naturally she decided to day would be the perfect day to destroy everything. And she finally succeeded in dragging my mug of tea off the coffee table. Tiny bitch. -.-

evil baby

How could anybody think this face is evil?! Ha.

I want to go to bed and curl up and sleep for a hundred years.

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