I Am Quite Unentertained.

Meaning I’m bored. But I’m always bored and I’m perpetually telling people that I’m bored so right now I am unentertained. *heaves the dramatic sigh of one burdened with almost exclusively first-world problems*

I also still feel like shit. My hands are freezing, my nose is running, I’m sore all over, and I dearly love complaining.

I am slightly sickish and very blue. Not like my usual “oh my gosh I hate myself I need to die” sort of depressed, Just that wretched winter time funk. I love fall, and winter, and clouds, and rain. But too much of a good thing can be bad. I think if it snowed I’d be happier. Snow is pretty and not grey. I like grey, but as I said, too much of a good thing.

I probably should have posted something yesterday, But I was busy binge reading again. I have just completed my third John Green novel (Paper Towns, if you were wondering). And I must say, this guy is oddly passionate about creating brilliant, enigmatic, young women and not letting the main character get anywhere near them. Don’t get me wrong, I love enigmatic young women characters as a rule, but I do feel as though the beginning and middle of this book had an eerily similar feel to Looking For Alaska. (which I mentioned I stayed up most of the night to finish.) If The Fault In Our Stars is even remotely similar, I’ll have a hard time finishing it. (Bad experiences with authors rehashing the same plot-lines/characters, but I will always remember the redwall series fondly regardless ^.^) This is probably why An Abundance of Katherine’s has been my favorite, more math, more boy humor, and oddly enough I found his pining less irritating then Q’s. Whatever, it was still a really awesome book, just don’t read a bunch of John Green novels right in a row or you’ll want to puke due to over-similarity-ishness.

The smidge is trying to eat Josh’s Xbox controller. I should probably stop her……

There isn’t really a point to this, I just felt bored and like I haven’t been posting very often lately so I’m rambling.

In other news I was supposed to have my best (okay lets be honest, only) girl friend over for a belated birthday celebration/sleep over. But she found out her schedule for work and doesn’t get off until 9 tonight and has to be at work at 9 tomorrow morning so it’s just not happening. On top of this Josh will probably not be getting home until like tennish either. So now I’m sad and resisting the urge to bury my feelings in cold pizza. *sniffles, although I’m unsure if it’s due to lonely unentertainedeness or the fact that I have a runny nose*

*sighs* I suppose I’ll just go watch hulu until I feel better.


*all pictures stolen from the internet for your entertainments, okay just kidding, mostly mine*

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