Blurgh XP

So you know those days where you aren’t sick enough to count as sick but you just generally feel like shit? Yep that’s how I am today. I think if I had to describe how I feel right now in two words it would be morning breath. Not dying, not the plague but generally just gross and icky. (I also had wicked morning breath this morning despite the fact that I brushed/rinsed/am not officially sick. Weird.) So today I am morning breath. And therefore I set my productivity ambitionses very low. This is my mental checklist of today:

Shower/Makeup (only because doing so significantly improves my mood/ability to think clearly) ACCOMPLISHED

Make sure that smidge gets fed/doesn’t destroy shit. 1/3 meals accomplished. currently napping (gooood demon overlord, sweeeeet satanic master, stay asleeeeeeeeep)

I should probably exchange that eyeliner so I can do my makeup tomorrow…(WHY the fuck did I grab brown? I never wear brown, I hate brown, I’m definitely a black eyeliner only sort of person….ughhh) Will probably do this because of my crippling eyeliner addiction.

20141217_111308   <—Crippling Eyeliner Addiction

I should probably do laundry….or at least put the folded shit away (who am I kidding, that shit isn’t getting done because we still have clean towels, and it involves moving)

I should probably do dishes but we have forks sooooo mehhh can wait

Look up churches so I can stop feeling like a horrible person every Sunday (damn you conscience!!!!) Why can’t there be a church for badass alternative young couples who happen to believe in the existence of a Messiah????? Gooooooood (I’m a terrible person). This mightttttt get done because it involves the internet and no moving.

Read one of mah new library bookses. Maybe might sorta get it done meh

Finish watching Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on hulu because I never finished the manga(my app stopped translating it) and I don’t know how it ends. Involves sitting on my ass, will probably get done.

Write a wordpressy thing because I didn’t yesterday because I am a supremely lazy asshole. <.< Check.

*yawns* If I do go out I should probably buy more menthol’s but I think I’ll wait ’cause I have Josh’s weird pack for if I get stressed.

3 thoughts on “Blurgh XP”

  1. I like that eyeliner. ^.^ I’m not talented enough to do that. I can barely manage to make my simple eyeliner line straight. xD
    I never understood brown. Who even uses it I wonder? I prefer black and rainbow colors (because obnoxious colors in my hair isn’t enough). Laziness ftw!


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