Unpopular Opinions Tag?!

AHhhhhhh hthe tags theyre everywhereeeeee, That’s okay though because I enjoys them ^.^ This one be’s from Samm

1. A selection of T.V. programs you do not care for?

Hmmm Jersey Shore, Orange is the new black, honey boo boos ummmmm oh okay don’t kill me for this…. I fucking hate the walking dead. *ducks underneath the coffee table so I don’t get stabbed*

2. A selection of musical artists you do not care for?

One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Katy Perry, Rihanna, anything top 40, rappy, or generally hip-hoppy….

3. A selection of celebrities you couldn’t care less about?

All of them? I don’t really give a shit about which rich whores are living in holly wood.

4. A hobby you just don’t get?

Exercising. Why would you do this for fun?!?!? like if you want to lose weight I get it but when you see some skinny bitch running around it’s just like wtf are you doing? Congratulations, you’re skinny now so go home and eat a goddamn bowl of ice creams!

5. A habit you find disgusting?

Hmm Spitting? Picking your nose? OH MY GOSH talking with food in your mouth or just chewing with your mouth open. Just ew. ew. stay away from me please.

6. Something in school you enjoyed doing, but others bitched about?

Umm Schoolwork? Like *homeschooled* so mini co-ops but yea I actually loved most of my schoolwork. Or wait do you mean things that I personally did? hmmm bouncing up and down and twitching.(I should’ve been on ADHD meds. I got called a squirrel alot)

7. Favorite household chore?

Folding warm laundry! I actually love folding laundry if it’s warm. It’s so soft and cuddly and warm and it smells like airfreshnery-goodness!

8. A popular video game that makes you go “meh”?

Call of duty probably. Most of the people that seem to love it have a very low iq and there are cooler looking shooty games out there. But I don’t really play video games soooo.

9.  Pc or mac?

PC all the way. Mac is for sheeple.

10. A sport you don’t like?


11. A sport you do like?

competitive nap times and binge-snacking.

12. T.V. programs you love, but have gotten shit for it?

Ummm anime in general (my mum can be a bitch) oh please don’t kill me but I loveee say yes to the dress…… *hangs head in shame*

13. A hobby you enjoy, that others find weird?

*debates whether or not self-harm is a hobby* um no probably like crocheting? Yea I know, 18 going on 80 but the repetitive mindlessness is actually relaxing. But I never finish anything.

14. A habit you have that other people don’t like you having?

Um skipping meals, and all those other self destructive behaviors I can’t seem to kick? Normal answer: Biting my nails and cracking my gum.

15. Something in school everyone enjoyed doing, but you hated?

Gossipingggg mostly because none of my friends were in my co op. Um hanging out in bathrooms. I still don’t get it unless your actually using it, or fixing your makeup.

16. A household chore that makes you want to chop your own face off?

Loading the dishwasher. Not so much anymore but at my parents place they’d let the dishes pile up for a week (in the house with 8 people) and then they’d be all like yup it’s your turn to do the dishes! and expect you to get them all done in two hours.

17. A video game you enjoy but probably shouldn’t?

The Stick of Truth! to date the only video game I’ve ever completed. I am also a total sucker for freemium games….

18. A celebrity crush even you don’t understand?

I don’t do celebrity crushes. See question 3. Why would I give a shit? Much less want to rape them.

19. A free rant on something that grinds your gears at the moment?

Hmmm I’m not feeling particularly ranty at the moment but here goessss:

I fucking hate people who can’t accept people who disagree with them. It’s like I just said I like a different type of music then you so why are you trying to stab me?

If I disagree with someone “I’m like oh you think Justin Beiber is the Beethoven of our generation and is a sex god that you want to be the father of your children? Um okay that’s weird, I don’t really care for him, but if that’s what makes you happy by all means bear the beibsters spawn” It’s not Ew your a psychotic stalker person with shitty taste in music that can go die in a hole, and rot in musical hell.

Even if that’s what you think you have no right to shit all over someone else for disagreeing with you. How fucking petty and smallminded do you have to be for that to be all right? Maybe I just have more practice because I like different things than my friends, and even Josh and I disagree on some shit. But I don’t get why it’s okay to completely bitch someone out for having a different opinion than yours. If we all agreed on everything life would be fucking boring. And don’t even get me started if it’s something political. I said I think killing babies is bad, not that your mom was a fat bitch who has sex for big macs, GODDDDDD.

3 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Tag?!”

  1. I agree with the walking dead. I don’t even like zombie movies (the only exceptions being “Warm Bodies” and “Dead & Breakfast” those were pretty cool), why stretch one out into a series? How is that even possible. Everyone’s gonna die eventually either from lack of food or being the food.
    I also totally agree with the music thing. Why can’t we all just get along no matter what we listen too. I have plenty of friends who despise BOTDF, but we’re all buddies still. :3


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