I Give Up.

I’m sorry Julie Kagawa, but I just can’t. I’m done. I will not be finishing your Iron Fey series. I don’t understand. Why would you take something with so much potential and smother it in a pathetic mountain of girlish love-triangle disgustingness? I forgave you for ruining the ending of my beloved Immortal Rules saga, but that was different. That had Jackal. If you insist on continuing to make your main characters lovesick puppy girls, you need more Jackal characters, someone to poke fun, and point out how utterly pathetic they are. This series doesn’t have that. Meghan Chase is a complete and utter moron.

I don’t get it. How can you take something as cool as a half-mortal faery battling essentially bad-ass tech robots to save her family, and her boyfriend, and ruin it? Seriously, if it has faeries in it I’m guaranteed to adore it, and I HATE this series. Usually I can stick it out binge and get the whole thing over it. But you, my Asian author friend, have made me do the unthinkable. I’m quitting the series. Not only that, I’m quitting in the middle of the goddamn book. You ruined this. I can picture it all out perfectly in my head, the way everything is supposed to work out, and every single time I’ve been let down. Your heroine is an idiot comparable to Bella from Twilight. I didn’t even realize that was possible.

So it’s over. I’m sending them all back. Every single book I got from that library haul is going back. Because you spoiled my whole goddamn haul Kagawa. I trusted you and you let me down here. I’m so, so disappointed.

I mean what the fuck? You have a few good characters, people that forced me to continue against my better judgement. I mean I loveee broody stand-offish cold-hearted love interests. Ash was perfect. So was Robbin. And even Grimm. But that twat-faced idiotic brain-washed lovesick empty-headed pussy of a main character is just too fucking much. Back to the library you go. I will never EVER recommend any of your books again. Bitch.

I’m just glad I read Zero before I started on that goddamn mess. Because that book was AMAZING. Punk-ish main character that was easy to identify with, had realistic expectations and low self esteem a good plot and a heart-wrenching ending that left me screaming “What the mother-fuck it can’t fucking end like that! Holy shit that can’t be the fucking end!!!!” When it was in fact the end. That, was awesome. As long as I get a sequel in a year or two because if that tom leveen guy just seriously lets it end like that I will die. aghaer;kjghaoi;kfgn;hwjkefgj <– expressing my frustration through gentle keyboard bashing.

Hopefully I will be checking out the library close by me sometime in the next day or two. And then I’ll get a new haul. One untainted by the disease that is the iron fey novels. Motherfucker. *shakes my head with deep regrets*

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