I finished watching the Book Of Circus Last Night (contains spoilers) and it was AMAZING *cue psychotic fangirling* Seriously, I couldn’t find anything in the entire show that bugged me. And as far as I remember it was actually incredibly accurate to the manga. (Though it has been a while since I read that part, I’ll be re-reading it soon just to be sure) But the delay after Snake’s first line, before he said the “says Wilde” part seriously freaked me out. I was bouncing up and down yelling at the television about how they had better fucking not cut out the Says _______ *squishes my facey cheeks together in a display of fangirling adoration* But they just dragged it out to bug people. I LOVED all of it. They nailed all of the new characters perfectly (IMO)

Beast was her usual huffy BDSM self with the hidden lovesick girly person underneath it all

Dagger was constantly after Beast and making light of everything

Doll(Freckles ^.^) was totally Spot on, I loved her character to pieces

I hated the midgets just as much as i did in the manga

Joker was perfect as well.

and Snake (my favorite circus character) OH MY GOSHNESS I was seriously worried that they wouldn’t get him right, and although he does lighten up considerably after he gets to the manor, if memory serves, He was appropriately serious for the circus. Cx

And then later on (I don’t remember if this was in the manga or not) Watching Grell pitch a fit because Beast was with Sebastian, and then proceeding to go on about what an amazing Lover Sebastian apparently was. I seriously almost died laughing. I couldn’t breathe or see straight for almost two minutes XD The entire thing was perfect. And I actually liked that it was short too. Since this only made up a small portion of the plot in the manga they would have had to add a bunch of made up shit to the show to make it much longer.

I just hope they do more soon!!!!! *dies* I don’t know how I’ll handle it if there’s no more black butler to look forward too.

Yea, yea I know I’m a total nerd. Butttttt I accomplished my goal of watching all three seasons in three days sooooo that’s a geek win for sure.

But I’m soooo tired because I’ve had to start after I put the smidge to bed which means at like 7 or 8 to whenever I finished T.T so so tired. *hibernates*

Anywhore…. I’m better than I was the last time I posted. Mostly I’ve just been doing things that make me relaxed and happy. So, lots of makeup and youtube and anime.

But now I must go and watch southpark until Josh gets home. Cx *does flying leap towards the couch*


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