I’ve Been Doing Very Important Things With My Life……(just kidding!)

Well I mean, I consider binge-watching the entire first season of Black Butler in a 24 hour period important, but most people just think that’s a waste of time. (By most people I mean only boring losers.)

Yup. 24 episodes. After commercials and the intro (yes I watched the intro for every single episode….they’re good songs!) they each take up about half an hour. So I watched twelve hours of (only subbed!) anime. I consider that quite an accomplishment after you add in the fact that I also took care of my darling high-maintenance demon princess, did 2 loads of laundry, and 1 load of dishes. And I even got 7 hours of sleep because I woke up this morning at lunchtime! I’m such an over-achiever XD I also considered watching the Hamlet OVA but it was already 2 a.m. and I was getting pretty tired.

Why the fuck did I decide to do all of that in one day????? Well, I still have to watch all of season 2 today. (and it’s already 4 p.m. so I’m going to be up late again.) So that I can get started on THE BOOK OF FREAKING CIRCUS PEOPLE. (I added in the freaking and the people…..) Because when I was rotting away in the land of no internet I hadn’t even fucking realized that it had been translated. I have been waiting for season three since the day the last episode of season two came out…… (I realize that I’m being a pathetic geek right now, you don’t have to mention it…)

So tomorrow it starts Cx as long as I get done with season two tonight.

And I even accomplished things today too! (total rabbit trail here) I paid for my college classes (art 1 and art 2, I’m suchh and over-achiever) And I picked up some much needed food substance items (coke, milk, whipped cream, and baby food.) I might have also indulged in some hairspray and a pack of gum…. *hangs head in pathetic shame* and then when I got home I found our mailbox!!!!! It was actually on the other side of the first set I checked…..I found this out about an hour later after I’d been wandering around with the Smidget looking totally retarded. I hate these big apartment-complexy mailboxes, how was I supposed to know they have two sides?!?!?

Ugh. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that I stayed up past my bedtime watching my favorite show of all time????

Anyway, back to my anime(teehee that sounds funny to say) I can’t wait to see the book of circus! I LOVED this part of the manga so I’m totally stoked (do normal people still say stoked??? I do, but I think I’ve established that I’m a bit odd.) to see all my favorite characters!!!! Beast and Snake and Smile C’X (pardon me I’m in geek heaven right now I’ll be back momentarily……. okay I’m backish)

So yes. This would be a better post but I’m a bit distracted by that whole fangirling my brains out thing…. I should probably get back to normal in a few days, after I watch my show and calm myself ^.^ Anyways do you like anime? Which types/shows? or do you prefer normal people boring shows? (haha I’m rude, and completely unapologetic!)


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Doing Very Important Things With My Life……(just kidding!)”

  1. I consider that a major accomplishment! Black Butler is one of my favorite animes, coming in second to Vampire Knight! I also loooove “Another” it’s so awesome and creepy. *u*
    I think the most recent anime I’ve watched and finished was “Lucky Star”. It was cute. ^.^

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