I’m Ready To Admit It. I Have A Problem.

*Sighs* I have a serious problem guys, I may have mentioned it briefly in passing. But I’ve never come close to explaining the depth of this issue. How bad I have it.I…..

I’m an addict. What am I addicted to?


Yea. It’s pretty awful. Right now I believe the librarian said I have 22 books checked out. (I will point out that I had six in the return bin when she said this so it’s really only 16.) And after I went to the library? I bought two more. Because I can’t help it. I blame my parents.

This might not sound that bad until you realize that I, the 5’2.5″ marshmallow that I am, carried 16 books around the library while pushing an umbrella stroller full of wiggly smidge. No I didn’t have a bag. It was strenuous okay?!?!? *shivers* Now you might be wondering “wtf did you check out?!” Well I got:

The next 7 Iron Fey books. Because I’m in love with Julie Kagawa anything.

After Obsession By Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel. Because It sounded kinda cool.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue By Maggie Stiefvater. Because I’m in love with the Raven Cycle.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky. Because while I would NEVER EVER admit this out loud, I really, really liked the movie. It was adorable.

A Trick Of The Light By Lois Metzger. Because it looked vaguely intriguing and I could still hold a few more books so why not?

Zero by Tom Leveen. Because okay this is really, really stupid…. I wish I looked like the girl on the cover.

   see?? Shes pretty! I’m a potato: 20141119_173936[1]

See, definitely a potato. I even made a sign that says so.

The Dollhouse Asylum By Mary Gray, because anything that has dollhouse and asylum in the same sentence, has to be cool. And the broken doll on the cover was kindof awesome.

The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green. Because despite wayyyy too much goddamn hype, I really liked Looking For Alaska, and An Abundance of Katherines is now on my favorite book list. So let’s try the one that the mindless mass of sheepies seem to think is amazing. (And I really liked how the guy died first. No apologizies for spoilers on that one people! I know, I’m so evil!)

Captivate By Carrie Jones. Because I liked the first one (Need) and it’s a cute, mindless, girly book.


Purity By Jackson Pearce. Because I will enjoy the irony of reading a book called purity while ignoring the whines of my wedlock-born spawn. Cx

The ones I bought? Were the Death Cure and the Kill Order by James Dashner. Because I’m actually a total fan of the maze runner series. (I liked it before it got popular, just btw. Back when it was all new and underground. ’cause indie hipsters, duh.)

This is the mound:


So this is where I disappeared to, when I inevitably disappear. Let me know if you want me to review any of these or like rant or whatevers. O.O  I also bought a peppermint mocha while I was at books a million, because the smidge decided to be a shit-demon halfway through my shopping and I didn’t kill her. (I did forget that I was in public and kindof called her Hitler and told her I was going to sell her to evil gypsies…..but you know…..okay yea know excuses I’m a horrible person on that one. I was mostly joking??? *shrugs*) Have you read any of these? are you looking forward to any new books? I want to buy Rumble (Ellen Hopkins) but I’m gunna get that one online because I can’t pay $20 for one hardback book.

5 thoughts on “I’m Ready To Admit It. I Have A Problem.”

  1. hey I think it’s great how you like books so much! I wish I was like that – alas, it’s textbooks for me. Yeah, still books, but not really the same thing if you think about it.

    And you are NOT a potato. Seriously. You’re like, a golden rainbow with great hair, because like, rainbows can totally have hair. AND YOURS IS GREAT!
    Seriously you’re epic. AND I KNOW IT.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We should start a support group. I just got back from the library, unfortunately I’ve read pretty much everything worth reading there, so I reverted to my favorites, Goosebumps. I’m still waiting for my library to get in the final book in the Demon Trapper’s Daughter series. ;-; I neeeed to read it. I actually made a whole list of books I want to read… it’s so long.
    I enjoyed this book a lot and I think you may, “Define ‘Normal'”. It’s very cool and one of the characters is a punky girl, best kind of characters.
    Those Iron Fey bookshave such pretty covers. They’re so faerie-like. /)^.^(\ That “Zero” one has a cool cover and I just wanna huggle the shit outta you in that picture. Soo cute!
    Enjoy your books!


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