I have 69 followers *teeheehee* Just had to share…. Life is so much more fun when you go through it with the sense of humor of an 8th grade boy… I hope I never grow up. Or stop laughing at fart jokes or inappropriate belching. Or anything that can be taken in an even remotely sexual way. My sister says my super power is to make anything be super pervy. I’m awesome at that’s what she saids.

4 thoughts on “OH MY GOSH”

  1. Hahaha this whole post made me cackle so loud that I scared my cat out of my room. Inappropriate sense of humor, *check!* Especially the that’s what she said joke at the end. Bravo.

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    1. Why thank you *does over the top dramatic bow* I try….actually no, I just have no filters so everything that pops in to my head comes out my mouth. Theres a joke in there too <.<


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