And Now I Procrastinate

I have another wall all taped up and ready for paint but it makes me sad, so I’m doing what any mature young adult would do and avoiding the shit out of it!

*Sighs* I’m kindof a lazy asshole…..

Josh is gone again for a week which majorly bums me out. But at least I have packing and painting to do and I even made plans to hang out with my friend Lissa (if I had a bff it would probably be her, which is sad because I never actually talk to her. I’m such an antisocial ass.) So I won’t be sitting around staring at the wall again like I was that time he was gone for over a month… I need a hobby. But I suck at everything.

I’ve also officially made up my mind! I am going to try to pursue my dream career of being an animator/cgi tech. You know those itty bitty names you see at the bottom of the credits after every movie? Yea, I wanna be one of those. Yes I am aware that it is an extremely hard field to break into because, come on, lots of people wanna do that. And I will admit that it probably won’t work out. But that probably is kindof why I want to go. Because “probably” isn’t a guarantee. I might actually graduate from school with a super awesome degree, and someone might be willing to hire me for the same pay I will probably making at the inevitable waitress-ing job in my future. (I’m not dissing waitresses, I just hate interacting with people, so I don’t really want to be a waitress.)

And if it doesn’t work out and I have a totally useless degree in a field I can’t find a job in? It’ll still be okay because I’m that freak that LOVES school. Yes, the actual work part. I love interesting discussions in class, and cramming for tests, and that “holy shit I didn’t fail!” feeling you get when you see the B+ (I’m keepin’ it real here!) on that paper you thought would land you an F. I friggin’ love it. And I can only guess that actually studying for a degree in a career that has totally enthralled me since I was like 12 would be even cooler. Yes I bitch when it’s hard. and cramming for a week straight right before midterms sucks monkey balls, But nothing beats that sense of accomplishment when I do fucking awesome…. Accept maybe sex…..and Coke…. I’m not a total nerd okay?!?!?

So yes, I will try. And I will have fun when I do it. And I will probably end up being a slightly over weight housewife in 10 years, but the thought that I might help bring peoples dreams to life and take part in some super awesome computer magic is enough for me to give it a shot. Because if I don’t try, then failing is guaranteed.

OKAY OKAY I’LL GO FUCKING PAINT SHIT NOW!!!!! fuckin cheese whiz people….


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