My Walls Are Naked Now :(

Josh and I took all the stuff down, so now our room looks naked and sad. It was incredibly depressing.

I also put 14g plugs in my second holes.

And Smidge ate a juicy fruit package >.< I got it out of her mouth before she actually swallowed any!

And I’ve decided that Josh has to get this awesome mug for chrissymas


teeheehee it’s so funneh!

So hopefully we sign the lease at the end of this month *fingers crossed for awesomesauce*

I’m also trying to think of what my next list should be….hmmmmm….. Most frequently used cosmeticys? Things I couldn’t live without? Favorite colors? I could do one of those what’s in my bag type things….. I COULD SHOW YOU MY BUTTONS O.O I have so many flair buttons, It’s kindof insane…….

2 thoughts on “My Walls Are Naked Now :(”

  1. Sounds like a lot of good stuff going on. 😀 I can think of many uses for that mug, it could come in handy at work… hmm… maybe not. :/ Pooh.
    Oh my gods, a what’sin my bag would be fun. ^.^ I did one of those and it was fun – I also love buttons. c; I have way too many and I still want to keep making/buying more.


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