Yup, I’m such a little rebellious over-achiever! Anywhore I just wanted to inform all you peoples that I finally decided what the point of this here little bloggy thing is. Drum roll please *inserts epic drum solo*

It’s about mwah ^.^ and you’re just sitting there like ummm duh wtf are you even talking about?!?

Yup this space is mine. And it might not make a whole lot of sense but its a place for me to spit my thoughts at random people across the worldiverse. I can talk about my very important opinions, I can waste time here procrastinating instead of folding laundry, and I can even write about my feelings when I’m super triggered (self-harmy code for about to hurt yourself) so I don’t do stuff I’ll probably regret!

Like write now I can brag to you about how awesome I am because I’m not trying to make myself puke because OHMYGOD I ate two chicken strips for lunch and I’m SUCH a fat-ass. I can go on about how super cool it is that I actually managed to fold that gigantic scary pile of laundry that was glaring at me from my a fore-mentioned post like a week ago…… I can tell you that The Smidge is super cute but really evil because she refuses to take a nap and is kindof being a little bitch right now….(yes I know, I called my daughter a bitch, sue me.) In essence I can ramble about every single one of these things because there is no point to this blog!

If there was then I’d only be able to talk about on topic/point thingies and occasionally mention my weird random lifeness. So there. The point of this blog is I’m fucking hella awesome biotches!

Oh and I also kicked my sister’s ass at monopoly. I’m ruthless at monopoly and everyone hates playing with me because I don’t quit when it’s not fun anymore, I insist on playing until everyone either quits or loses (and quiting is the same as losing) so by being the last player to say “fuck it” I always win! Unless I’m playing with Josh and then we both end up not speaking to each other for the rest of the night…..True story…..

Isn’t my life amazingly fantabulously interesting?????


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