Things I Should Be Doing Right Now, But I’m Not

I’ve decided that I like lists and since they are fun and quick and easy to write I shall make another one. Because they make me feel accomplished. So there. Nyahhh.

1. Folding that scary basket of laundry that’s sitting across the room glaring at me like I’m some sort of lazy slob.

2. Cleaning the pile of random shit that my floor seems to love collecting.

3. Folding that pile of laundry (Piles are different, they’re much bigger and scarier.) sitting across the room glaring at me because I am in fact, a lazy slob.

4. Packing up stuff that we don’t use very often so it’s not in the way, and ready to go for the move.

5. Changing the sheets on my bed, because they need it, desperately. Like if sheets could talk they’d be begging you to put them out of their misery.

6. Trying to figure out what classes I’m going to sign up for this semester.

7. Trying to figure out which college I want to transfer to after community college, and what the fuck I want to do with my life.

8. Reading some of the mountain of library books I have checked out, so that I can return them on time and not get another fifteen dollar library fine…… (I am that asshole that keeps books for three months at a time, it’s not on purpose and I’m sorry okay!!!!!)

9. Calling/E-mailing the lady at our future apartment complex to see if she got our email.

10. Not making pointless, time-wasting lists and actually accomplishing stuff.

But I did manage to go to both the social security administration building AND the DMV (which are approximately 1.5 hours away from each other…..) with the smidge in tow. I also picked up one of my moms Christmas presents and almost broke my finger in a nasty disagreement with a car door that I locked with my finger inside….

6 thoughts on “Things I Should Be Doing Right Now, But I’m Not”

  1. OMG doing things when they need to be done but not having the motivation to do so….TELL ME ABOUT IT!
    Seriously. It’s ten past ten here (pm) and I took a power nap before giggling hysterically (it was fricking weird but I have had little to no sleep) at my bro because I was all “I NEED TO DO THE DISHES BUT I DONT HAVE IT IN ME.”
    I just did them.

    I feel like, Dwayne Johnson. I ROCK? XD

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