Favorite Fall Type Things

All the pretty colors!!!!!!

Actually seeing cute clothes/hair accessories in places besides hot topic…..

All of the fall smells

PUMPKINS (Just not pumpkin flavored things *shudders*)

Apple Ciders (But only the real kind!!!! no pasteurized shit here!)

The crunchity leaves (yes crunchity is a word…..at least now it is)

Being able to go outside with out getting sun-burnt in five minutes

Not sweating like a very sweaty person (dogs don’t sweat, duh)

All of the awesome darker makeyups that are now “in” (Do people still say in? Or do you have to say in style now???)

The cool breezes

Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!! CX I love all the costumes and skullatons and cute creepy spooders and everythings!!!!

Thanksgiving foods (Josh’s family can cook so I actually get a yummy thanksgiving dinner now!!!!! Sorry Gram….)


And I’m not the only ghostly pale person anymore!!!!!! Cx

Whats you persons favorite thing about fall?????

looking forward to peppermint everything o.o<3 <—peppermint addict

So yea sorry this post is lame but I wanted to write somefin since I’ll be busy tomorrow and I’m in caffeine withdrawal and barely functioning……


7 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Type Things”

  1. I dunno what your opinion on PSL (pumping spice lattes) is but as much as I make fun of them I DID order one this season as I looked shamefully at the barista who took my order. I love fall. I love pumpkins. And pumping flavored things. Basic? Yes. Proud? YES.

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