So Stuff

Josh is finally home! And that freaking rocks.

But right now I’m kindof bummed. Why, you ask? (You don’t really ask, you don’t really give a shit, you’re probably not even reading this!) Because I’m starting to pack up small stuff around the edges of our room.

It sounds really dumb but I’ve been living in this room for three years now, Josh has been here since Christmas, and The Smidge joined up in March when she got birtheded. And it just got so full of us. We did everything we possibly could to make this space ours. And now I’m slowly taking all of it away, and it feels like I’m packing us and our story up into cardboard boxes. That sucks. Today I took down the smaller paintings and a few(about three shelves worth) of our books. I packed up about twenty or so of our stuffed animals.

All in all these changes are really small, they don’t make a whole lot of difference in the way the room looks. But it feels huge. I mean, you can actually see a corner of the wall now. That’s a big deal in this place.

So I guess I’m just going to go really slow and pace myself. One little bit of our life into a box at a time. But at least this way when we go to move next month there won’t be as much to do. *Sighs* I guess I’m just being overly dramatic.20141021_125038[1]

All the paintings Josh and I did (packed up)


The wall of notes and pictures are still there for now


Giant mural that we’ll have to paint over


More notes to take down and stuff to paint over


The squalor that ensues when you have two young adults and a baby in the same room.


The Smidge’s crib that we will have to take apart and rebuild >.<

Anyway it might not be perfect, but it’s ours. And it makes me sad to know that it’s all going to be taken down and painted over and turned normal again. :/

In other tragic news my psychotic hamster died. I will probably write a small obituary post later.

4 thoughts on “So Stuff”

  1. I give a shiz! I care about what you write!!
    It is perfect – all of it. It’s genuinely lovely how you’ve shared it all here. Awwwww
    And I’m sorry about your hamster, rest in peace little guy/or gal.


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