Warning Supremely Graphic Content Which Should Not Be Viewed By Anyone Ever.

Seriously, If you have any sense of decency this is your last warning to leave. What follows are some of my favorite juzt girly things memes. They are both vile and disturbing

large (6)

so they don’t get cavities, duh!


She’s going to die soon anyway, let her enjoy what time she has left!


Naturally, without a filter it’d just be crude.

large (5)

I hate it when this happens to me!


I love ombre anything don’t you?

large (19)

Mmmmm triangles, sexyyy

large (20)

Makes me wish my grandparents were religious….

large (31)

*sighs* maybe one day I’ll learn

large (36)

TWINSIES!!!!!! 😀

images (7)

Okay….. this one just makes me glad I don’t have close friends…..


At least that’s what I always say!


And who doesn’t love a low-cal butter substitute?!

large (14)

Well if you got caught you obviously need more practice!


Sorry Grandma!

thumb (2)


large (70)

Bitch I do whatever I want! xD


Yummy, child’s blood!




……makes me wish my sister was diabetic…..

And there you have it folks! Juzt girly thingz. I hope I either brightened your day, or at the very least taught you not to read things that say don’t read this. Sorry for traumatizing you! (I’m not really sorry.)

*All Pictures Stolen From The Internet, I Give Credit To No-one, Come at me bro.*

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