RANDOM: So Josh got a tattoo…. Which is pretty cool. I’m kindof bummed ’cause I didn’t get to go with him since he’s on travel still.

He’s been gone for a month, and has only been coming home on the weekends which sucked because it went pretty much like this:

Friday nights at way late-ish he gets home and we promptly rush off to go fu-*ahem* -sleep.

Saturdays we spend some *quality* time together and then grab the kiddo from her crib to go work on apartment paperwork and run errands. This is followed by more *quality* time and then sleep.

Sundays we spend vegging in front of the TV with a mountain of junk-food and the latest DVR’d faking it (that I’ve been patiently waiting for him to watch with me since Tuesday.), a little more quality alone time, and then he leaves that afternoon/evening.

That’s the only way I’ve gotten to see him for a whole month *sighs* BUT HE’S COMING HOME TOMORROW *dances awkwardly but with much enthusiasm* I’m happy, in case you couldn’t tell SO SO HAPPY. Unless his stupid work peoples decide to send him away again. Oh well with the extra hours/per diam thingy we’re doing better with the monies which is good since we’re moving out soon.

In other important news I took the smidge to get more prescription butt cream from the doctor and then waited around in Walmart for two hours…. twenty minutes my fuckin’ ass lady. And in those two hours I managed to keep the shopping total under a hundred dollars, YAY! (a much harder feat than it sounds.) I got the smidget another pink coat, a case of diapers, another mulled cider candle, a silver glitter eyeshadow, a can of glitter hairspray (I have a glitter addiction, sue me.) a blue monster, and two cans of silly string for Josh’s Christmas present so that we might epically duel on Chrissymas.

So yes, such is my life. Isn’t it superbly, fantabulously, supremely, interesting? Oh well, it’s still better than before the smidge when he still lived with his parents and we only got to see each other for a few hours a week…..

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