I Feel Like There Should Be A Point To This?

I’ve noticed that most of the really awesome blogs out there have a point. One big thing that’s what they’re about. I should probably have one of those…. But I’m not a poet (semi-mediocre at whiny emo poetry but I highly doubt anyone wants to read that.), I’m not an author, I haven’t been a mom long enough to be a “mom blogger” I’m not a beauty or a business guru, So I don’t know what my point would actually be? Morbid/Vampire-Obsessed/Screamo-Loving/Lazy/Coffee-Addicted/Geeky/Nerdy/Mom/Wife stuff?

Um….. I don’t think that appeals to a very broad audience…

*Sighs* For now I shall remain pointless. If anyone who was bored enough to read this, they should comment and tell me what to do. I need people to tell me what to do. For someone who tries really hard to look like a rebellious little shit I’m actually much more comfortable when I have people bossing me around…. Maybe that’s why Josh and I work so well together haha.

2 thoughts on “I Feel Like There Should Be A Point To This?”

  1. I think you and your blog are both fabulous. Also, AHHH I have no point either! Ah well, blogging is entertaining, no? 🙂


    1. Well I’m glad! haha and yes but you seem to be much more consistent and you usually find a way to incorporate your love of math somewhere. And yes yes it is very entertaining and it gives me something to do when I’m bored and think things I can’t say out loud ^.^

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