Note To Self…

There is no such thing as “Just one quick chapter!” the same goes for “Just one more chapter!” or any other variation of this phrase. You know this. You also know that you will end up reading the entire night only to crawl into bed at 4:30 and get woken up at 7 by your starving child.


I can’t be the only one out there with this problem right? I decided right before bed that I would read one quick chapter of the book “Looking For Alaska” by John Green, because if my girlfriend that rarely ever picks up a book raved about it AND the librarian chick liked it, it had to be pretty decent, right?

Holy Shit. I read the entire book. I started at 11 pm and read until 4:27 am. It was awesome. If I wasn’t so in love with The Picture of Dorian Gray and Ellen Hopkins anything this would be my new favorite book. *insert obscene fangirl-ing here*

And this is after I’ve made it a point to avoid anything written by John Green for a while (Nothing at all against him or his writing, which I’m apparently a fan of, I’m just still over-saturated with The Fault In Our Stars, which is omg, like, seriously, so, so, deep *pukes*) maybe I will pick up The Fault book next time I’m in the library…. I’m just so sick of theoretically deep, philosophical, smartical things being cool. It would be great if they actually were, you know, philisophical, but usually it’s just an excuse for “Ye Average Dumb Slut” to pretend she has an IQ, or understands infinity. <— That turned into a rant quickly now didn’t it?

But yes, Holy Fuck. Looking for Alaska was awesome, and funny, and had some points about religion and “The Great Perhaps” but it wasn’t super preachy. I personally loved all of the famous last words. Pudge was the perfect geek Takumi was hysterical. And I thought Alaska was actually pretty relatable. All in all I loved it. And I was not expecting to. So go to the library now. Fly you fool. I need to shut up now, ’cause it’s starting to show that I’m running on approximately 2 1/2 hours of sleep….. I apologize for spelling errors or things phrased oddly. I’m going to go nap while my pint-sized overlord is asleep.

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