Josh and I’s lease got approved with the condition we pay the first few months rent up front. Which we were already planning on so we have way more than that saved up.


Just had to get that out of my system, sorry. Um yes. When Josh moved in last Christmas (when I was all fat and it was getting hard to tie my shoes) because I was pregnant it was with the understanding that we would try to have our own place in two years, but we were welcome for up to four. It has been about 10 months. Ten long, evil months of hell.

I can notttttt wait to get the fuck out of here. The longer I live in my parents house the harder it is to keep my mouth shut when my mom acts like a fucking psychopath. I don’t hate my parents, I just hate living with them.

It’s extremely frustrating when my mom grabs my baby from me with out asking and acts like my daughter is her kid. Sorry, but um no. I could understand if I was out partying every night or getting high or whatever, but I take care of my Smidgey. I’m the one changing diapers, driving her to get her vaccines, making her bottles, and putting her to bed every night. My husband is the one paying for said diapers and vaccines. You do not own my child. You will also not be coming over everyday to steal her either.

So far I have yet to scream any of this in her face, so I think all in all I’m doing pretty okay at this being a polite and respectful daughter thing. I have a lot of left over hurt and resentment towards her. I think getting some space will help me get over it. Having my own place where my husband and I can be our own family, and not an just an extension of my parents will be awesome.

So I hope and pray everything goes well on Saturday, when we go to review paperwork and potentially sign the lease. *Fingers Crossed*

5 thoughts on “I’M HOPEFULLY MOVING”

  1. Wow! YAY! That’s great! I can understand when parents can be a bit…okay a LOT annoying and interfering, and with your situation it must have been very tough. Ah, but you’re a brave girl! CONGRATULATIONS! -confetti of chocolates for you- ^_^
    Good luck and keep updating!


      1. It’s not possible most of the times…to be rational more than is required, I often wonder if parents try to look at things from our point of view, or not.
        Nonetheless, I’d say you made a good decision. It’ll settle the tension between you and your parents as well.


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