I’m Kind-of The Worst Homeschooler Ever

I was a terrible homeschooler. It wasn’t that I was stupid (I’m actually fairly intelligent.) I just didn’t really fit.

Where I live there’s a HUGE homeschooling community. In fact if all if the people in my county that homeschooled suddenly enrolled for public school classes, they would have to build at least four more schools. So there were kind-of a lot of us. And if you know anything about homeschoolers at all you probably know that we usually go to co-ops where we take basically all the same classes, just from the religious perspective of our parents choosing, and they’re usually smaller.

So I know what I’m talking about when I say I didn’t fit with ANY of the cliques. (groups, types, whatever.) Because the usual breakdown in each of the four-five co ops I’ve been in  is something like this:

Ye average homeschooled nerd. Wears denim ankle-length skirts, totes around an awana bag with a standard issue KJV bible and knows everything about everything, even the things they know nothing about. (For total dorks they are incredibly self-righteous, probably because they know the only true way to heaven is through outdated clothes and shunning everyone who watches disney.)

The “Just because I’m homeschooled doesn’t mean I’m a geeky loser!” Also known as the wanna be whores (my sister generally hangs out with this crowd….because she kind-of is a soft-core wannabe whore.) They might have a few more layers on then your generic high-school slut, but believe me, it’s not because they want to. Their parents just have rules about how much skin is acceptable. They are frequently spotted in the latest generic slutty trends just with a too small cami or a pair of see through leggings underneath. (In this one co op/church I used to go to, they repeatedly caught teens having sex in cars/missionary guest rooms. Classy.)

The Drama Crowd. Is pretty much from what I’ve seen, exactly the same. I’ve had a couple friends in this group, they get caught up in their own drama but hey don’t we all? (In case you didn’t notice I generally find these more tolerable.)

The Geeky kids. When I say geeky here I mean it in the more modern, friendly, amicable way. The ones who are completely and totally obsessed with something including but not limited to: Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Narnia, Black Butler, Pokemon, Naruto, The Hunger Games (*shudders* so.much.hunger.games….), Les Misrables, Doctor Who, Supernatural, You name it I’ve heard people practically faint over it.

There are other groups but these are the most prevalent. They don’t all shun each other they do blend and mingle and shit it’s just simpler to categorize them that way. My sister is a wannabe trollop (I love that word), but she’s also a complete and total geek and most of her friends are in the drama crowd. And in general they’re practically identical to your average public high school crowd (at least that’s what my normal-schooled friends tell me).

But even blending and mingling aside I did not fit. I knew more bible verses than the self-righteouskids, read more Shakespeare than the drama club, and fangirl-ed harder over my own personal fandoms than the geeks. But I am a supremely antisocial little fucker. And I loved playing the devil’s advocate…. So I sat in a corner coated in black nail-polish and band tee-shirts, making sure my body language screamed don’t fuck with me and did my own thing. Every co op I attended lacked any sort of goth-emo-whatever you choose to call people who wear black and like metal/screamo (I still feel kind of robbed). But I got good grades occasionally mumbled about nerd stuff to the geeks or drama kids and mostly just felt really, really awkward. Such is highschool.

So yes, I was pretty bad at the whole being a homeschooler thing. (Glad I was on to dual-enrollment college classes before I got pregnant….that would’ve been interesting/terrifying.) And all I can say is that while I value the more individualized approach my parents took to my learning, My daughter will DEFINITELY be attending public school for the majority of her education. Mostly because I’m not a teacher, and I don’t trust those bat-shit crazy, unstable church ladies.

So what was your high-school experience like? And how do you think the social hierarchies compare?

6 thoughts on “I’m Kind-of The Worst Homeschooler Ever”

  1. I was a public school student, and we homeschool our kids. Socially I have never been a “butterfly” my kids enjoy the company of others but also do well alone. I think that having them home keeps them calmer and helps them collect their thoughts better as its less overwhelming with peer pressures. we are not involved in our local co op anymore, as it was not a good fit for our family. but we do get together with other fellow homeschoolers as well as public schooled children so they do get a great mix of all walks of life.
    great post, great read! head on over to my blog, where I am writing about our journey in k12 homeschooling, as well as our life adventures, a few recipes and coming soon crafts!


  2. I was homeschooled until a couple months ago. I’d say I fit in with the geeky, but I also hang out with girls who know nothing of the geek world, and when i’m not with them, it’s the boys from the robotics and soccer team. I thought high school was going to be cliques of all “cool’ kids, jocks, weirdos, unknown, and nerds…But I’m a mix of everything. 🙂


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