The Small Things

So the other day I was talking to my Husband (husband is long and awkward to type out and I’m not entirely used to saying it yet so from now on he shall be referred to as Josh, because that’s his name and it’s a good name so stuff.) and he said something to the effect of “That’s one of the things I love about you though, the big stuff makes you sad, so you always see the beauty in the little things.” and I replied with something like “Well duh, if I didn’t enjoy the small shit I’d probably kill myself ’cause everything big in my life is kinda shitty.” So to remind myself (or anyone else) when I am sad and depressed that there’s still good stuff out there, I shall make a list of all the small things I can think of that make me happy so:

1. The way the steam from a warm cup of coffee smells and feels when you’re cold and tired.

2. Listening to the rain

3. The way the rain smells (I like rain)

4. Listening to Josh’s heartbeat when I’m sad or sick.

5. Watching my daughter breathe (henceforth referred to as the smidge, because that’s her nickname) when she’s asleep.

6. When you stomp on a leaf and get that perfectly satisfying crunch.

7. When a book you’ve been in love with has that super-perfect surprise ending.

8. Coca-cola. Period. I have a slight coke addiction (yes I know it’s an over-used cheesy pun, I don’t even like puns. Deal with It.)

9. When I finish a painting and it actually looks the way I wanted it to. (I’m a terrible artist but it’s fun, this has only ever happened twice.)

10. Opening packages

11. Glitter. I usually leave a trail of it.

12. When you’re makeup comes out absolutely perfect. (winged eyeliner is an art-form.)

13. When you turn on the TV and the first thing you see is the beginning of one of your favorite shows.

14. When I understand a video game reference. (about as common as satanic unicorns shitting gold nuggets into your hand.)

15. When I can get smidge to actually full on giggle.

16. When snowflakes land on your eyelashes (starts humming the a few of my favorite things song.)

18. Watching your breath mist up for the first time in the fall.

19. When Tim Burton comes out with a new movie. (It can’t be just me?)

20. The rare occasions when someone besides me changes the smidge’s diaper and THEY get the shitty one (’cause I’m just that evil)

21. Ben & Jerry’s, for when all else goes to shit.

22. Getting a new button. (flair? badge? They have so many names, regardless I own approximately one bajillion)

23. When yours are the first foot prints in the snow.

24. Bubbles. I fuckin’ love bubbles.

25. Going up to the next gauge of plugs. (I just put in 0g’s, Really lame I know)

26. When Josh surprises me with stuff (coke, a button, flowers, a chili-dog with pepper-jack cheese…..)

27. Buying a new book.

28. Wrestling Josh on the floor and pretending to hate being picked up.

29. Cheek kisses and holding hands.

30. Nail-polish.

31. Irises, they’re my favorite flower.

32. Dyeing my hair random colors and not telling anyone so I can see their reaction next time we hang out.

33. Pierce The Veil, the same goes for about a million other bands.

34. My room. (Me and Josh…. okay Josh and I, decked it out all awesome forever ago. It’s weird and random)

35. Finding a new Vampire book that doesn’t suck balls. (again about as common as unicorns)

36. Halloween candy leftovers.

37. When people mistake my bullshit for intelligence.

39. Sitting on the roof wrapped up in a blanket with a pint of ice-cream and a cup of coffee.

40. Jumping in puddles.

41. When the awesome coasters don’t have lines.

42. Finding REAL apple cider in the fall (I utterly loathe the pasteurized kind, it sucks the joy out of my soul every time I see it)

43. The look on the stuck up kids faces at church when the quiet goth-y (their word not mine) kid knows bible stuff. (I’m actually pretty religious, I just have a hard time dealing with the church crowd)

44. Curly fries. Fuck Yes. (I’m hungry okay?!)

45. When people tell me how cute my baby is. ^.^ doubly so if it’s another new mum.

46. Acing a really hard test that I thought I was going to fail.

47. Puppies.

48. Noodle (my psycho, demon possessed, obese, fluffy white dwarf hamster)

49. When I can pronounce obscure words I’ve only ever read before correctly.

50. Favorite show marathons.

These are just off the top of my head. What’s some little stuff that makes you happy?

My biggest problem in life is that half the words I know I’ve only read in books and can’t pronounce, and the other half I can’t spell for shit.

4 thoughts on “The Small Things”

  1. Great post – some funny bits too XD. Things that make me happy – music, red velvet cake, coke floats, finishing a book, actually managing to play a few successful notes on guitar, getting e-mails, waking up early 🙂


      1. Haha COOOOKE FLOAT *hi fives.* I go to bed quite late so I always end up waking up late, meaning I don’t get enough work done (I’m home-schooled.) So it’s always nice when I wake up early (er) for once and surprise myself!

        Liked by 1 person

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